What does a behaviourist do?

A behaviourist is a professional specialising in solving behavioural problems.

The practice

“Be the dog” is the practice of behaviourism which relies on scientific and ethological foundations that have existed for many years. The behaviourist performs a thorough analysis of the animal, his environment, his needs and the living environment in which he operates to help the owner understand his canine or feline companion.

An interpreter

In today’s society, it is not uncommon for a dog or a cat to develop behavioural problems, it is even common. The majority of people do not understand canine and feline codes. Many people dream that their dog or their cat could express itself through words to better understand them in certain situations. A behaviourist is in some way the interpreter who translates the animal’s missing words and who can explain what the dog or the cat is trying to express by his own means of communication and his codes!

Precious help

These behavioural disorders or these behaviours become problematic for the owner and / or can range from simple vocalization to destruction, filth, aggression … The behaviourist is there to help the owner solve these behaviours which have become problematic in community life. Moreover, in addition to behavioural disorders, thanks to his knowledge, the behaviourist can help the owner and the animal in situations of everyday life: a move, the arrival of a baby at home or a new inhabitant, education and teaching, …